A properly deserved ode on the tjoerie

A properly deserved ode on the tjoerie

The fresh exactly what. The newest tjoerie, the Surinamese phrase for what is well known in the French West Indies since ‘le tchip’ plus the newest English-speaking a portion of the Caribbean as ‘kiss-teeth’.

Whenever things otherwise individuals gets too unpleasant, you to usually keeps an excellent gun within their disposal: a lengthy, cricket-particularly voice from which the effect and rolling vision was deadly insulting. There’s absolutely no the one that will not value an excellent tjoerie.

The current word-of your day are less of a term and a lot more of an audio. I have heard so it sound put mainly when people commonly happier about one thing, it’s also known as “kissing pearly whites”. The truth is, if you find yourself filming this clips, the fresh voice had annoyingly addictive, it’s sort of. enjoyable? hahah .. But at the same time, be careful with this particular term, it doesn’t get the very best connotation given that me and everybody We learn agree totally that when they have read it made use of, it absolutely was in a bad white.

Boffins features documented KMT within the Western Africa, plus in brand new Caribbean, and in certain Southern American countries having extreme populations of people of African origin. Needless to say, KST is even found in other countries such as the United Kingdom where you’ll find Caribbean, Ebony, and you may African owners.

KMT normally express a variety of emotions along with (in the no version of order) disgust, disdain, defiance, exasperation, annoyance, displeasure, disrespect, scorn, insult, sadness, impatience, conflict, disapproval, dislike, and you can discomfort.

How dare the newest compiler downgrade they to a mere phrase!

Here is a quote from the “chupse” (hug teeth) which is among them above mentioned pdf The definition Regarding Kiss Teeth Esther Figueroa (USA) Peter L Patrick (UK)

This new chupse is not a word, it is a whole vocabulary. You’ve got the quick simple chupse regarding indifference; the new thin tough chupse out of disdain; the brand new much time, drinking water, shaking chupse you to definitely shakes this new rafters and you may conveys all the sorts of defiance. (from the “Barbados Advocate”, cited for the Collymore, 1970)

An investigation expected perhaps the terms and you can body gestures “cut-eye” and you will “suck-pearly whites,” apparent within the Guyana, portray African survivals, as well as how extensively these are accepted regarding Caribbean, the us and you may Africa. Caribbean research was in fact pulled off findings, dictionaries and you can interviews. U.S. research originated from questionnaires applied in order to one another blacks and you can whites. African students was also asked. When you look at the Guyana, “cut-eye” is a visual motion proving hostility or disapproval. A shine are introduced followed closely by a vertical or diagonal brush of your own eye over the other individual. “Cut-eye” insults from the aesthetically invading another’s region and you can turning out contemptuously. The new motion are familiar to West Indians interviewed. From the U.S., several of black informants was familiar with the term, but few of the whites. All African informants approved the fresh motion. “Suck-teeth” refers to the motion of drawing in air from the white teeth which will make a sucking sound. It conveys frustration, exasperation otherwise irritation, that is healthier and ruder than “cut-attention click.” It is known regarding Caribbean, by the black colored People in america, although perhaps not from the whites, by Africans. The research brings evidence one Africanisms persevere regarding the New world inside common words and you will gestures. (CHK)

If someone else p*sses your away from you do they, if someone states some thing foolish you do they, once you see some body that you don’t as if you exercise.

This means “Whatever kid, Really don’t care and attention what you think, you might be talking shit, cam everything you particularly I am not saying paying attention” It is showing your own disapproval.

It will be the common language of Western Indies, new passport to count on from Jamaica in order to Uk South usa

🙂 I incorporate that it to the the internet language. The net jargon because of it is actually KMT (meaning that: hug my white teeth). -sincere

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